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Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate is a course in Nutrition specially designed for Indian women who are ready to ditch their cravings and eat to nourish a body they love.

There's no course in this world that can fix food cravings for you. Only YOU can do it for yourself.

This course - Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate - is a great resource wherein Girija Satyanarayan shows you how to locate your learning-doing gaps and bridge them.

Well, what are learning-doing gaps?

Food cravings are largely a consequence of this lack of information or faulty information that has not been addressed and left to itself. Added to this is the weak focus on practicing what you know to be factually correct. I call such a situation as learning-doing gap.

The very first step towards mastery of any kind is clear presentation of facts and instruction. In the world of Nutrition today, there is enormous misrepresentation because of which it is very hard to differentiate a fact from opinion.

Another thing about food is its diversity and that it is specific to our culture. So, even when you stumble upon reliable information resources it is often practically not useful because it doesn't address your kind of food.


This is where having a nutrition course that is sound in science and specific to your cultural situation is highly valuable. Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate is a great resource when you choose to:

a. engage actively in your learning about Nutrition

b. ask the right questions of yourself and honestly evaluate your responses

c. not to indulge in defense strategies such as confusion and or overwhelm,

d. consciously take steps to practice useful behaviors,

you will essentially learn to eat with a sense of mastery.

You will have clear reasoning for why you eat what you eat. You will develop a greater sense of  restraint and discipline over your eating without draining the finite reserves of your willpower.

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